New Project 2016 in Latvia

A school in Latvia would like to refurbish outdoor sports equipment for a Primary school (1st- 9th grade).  This is what it looks like now:

This is what they would like to get:

For further information contact LC Liepaja, Frau Silja Thimsen siljathimsen @

Or donate directly: “LAUVU KLUBS LIEPĀJA (LC LIEPĀJA)” Reg. Nr. 40008112850

IBAN: LV 47 RIKO 0001 0600 7093 7                                  BIC: RIKO LV 2X

Ongoing Project 2016 in Maarja Village Estonia

Maarja Village is a unique settlement of adult people with special needs in Estonia, near Tartu. It is a community of disabled people, who live and work together. Many of the houses are funded by Lions around the baltic sea and the world.

P9292811 P9292818

They need now a new car to transport some workers to their workplaces. The old one – a gift from Lions from Germany – is already too old. So every cent is welcome.

SA MAARJA KÜLA, Riia 185, 51014 Tartu, Estonia

Bank account:

IBAN: EE21 2200 2210 6389 7550

Bank: Swedbank


For more information see this flyer: Maarja Village.

Ongoing Projects 2015 in Polen (not finished yet!)
We are currently working on two projects from Polen.

The first project is about a Child Care Home in Gdansk where Lions raise money to build a beautiful garden for children with disabilities.

For more information click on: Ogrody Korczaka

If you wish to donate:

Lions Club Gedania – Gdansk

Alior Bank S.A. No: PL16 2490 0005 0000 4530 1465 7949


Title: Darowizna “OGRODY KORCZAKA”


The second project is about training dogs for blind people in Polen. Click on: Dogs-for-Blind

and watch the movie:

If you wish to donate:

Lions Club Gdynia

Bank PKO B.P. : PL65 1440 1026 0000 0000 0034 5725


Title: DOGIQ


Past Projects
During the years BSL has participated in and created a large number of international aid projects. These pictures show just some examples.

Poland – 2015DSC_4385 (Medium)

Lions from District 111 N (North Germany) collected funds to support Lions from District 121 (Poland) to install outdoor fitness equipment in Kobysewo (near Gdansk) for a home for elderly disabled people.

2014 – Latvia

Danish Lions upload Medical Equipment into the truck. German Lions packed hospital beds into the truck.

A truckload of medical equipment, hospital beds and bed-tables where packed by Danish and German Lions and sent to a home for eldery in Latvia.

Previous and ongoing project – Estonia:


Tammistu is an old German manor house near Tartu, Estonia. During the soviet period the beautiful house was left in decay, but now during several years Estonian lions as well as several other aid organisations have assisted in renovating parts of the property. Today Tammistu is a holiday resort for parents of disabled children.