What is the Baltic Sea Lions network

Baltic Sea Lions is a cooperation network of districts of Lions Clubs International around the Baltic Sea. Lions Clubs International is the world’s largest service and humanitarian aid organisation operating in over 200 countries and having about 1,4 million members worldwide. Baltic Sea Lions (BSL) was created to improve communications between the Lions members in various countries around the Baltic Sea and to set up common projects as well as to facilitate delivery of humanitarian aid from one country to another.


Common values and interests, be they current and/or historic, create a platform for exchange and cooperation. The geopolitical changes of recent years have moved goalposts and created a whole new playing field for the Baltic Sea region. National borders for instance are no longer obstacles to a fruitful exchange of thoughts and activities. Moreover the biggest obstacle often is that one needs to know the right people in the respective countries to be able to get projects started. That’s what the BSL is for.


BSL – Your ambassadors around the Baltic Sea